1.1 “The company” (“us”, “we”, or “our”) means the company and/or private individual that owns the current website , a legal or private entity and any of its subsidiaries, agents or associated companies throughout the world and all of its directors, officers, employees, agents, lawyers, consultants and successors in title.

1.2 “client” means the company, firm or person(s) who has requested us to provide services or any other person or legal entity, who has agreed to pay for services and their respective heirs, personal representatives and assigns and shall in case of more than one person mean such persons jointly and severally.

1.3 “company” means any company or corporate body of whatever type established on behalf of client.

1.4 “services” means the services requested by client as contained in directory of services of o specified in advertising material of KPL and on its web site and any other service ordered/requested/accepted by the client.

1.5 “agreement” means terms and conditions of business, which effectively constitute a services contract between the client and KPL

Subject of the agreement and terms of payment
2.1 We agree to provide to the client professional services according to the our directory and/or according to specific request of client and the client agrees to pay these services according to our invoices. The client agrees to pay the fees charged by us for its services, which shall include annually recurring fees.

2.2 All fees charged by us to the client shall be in amounts indicated in the tariff or as specifically sent to the client by us in the form of proforma invoice or pricelist. The fees are subject to change without any prior notice.

2.3 No refunds are given after an order for any of the our services is placed by the client. The fees are not refundable in the event that any order is rejected, not submitted or withdrawn by the applicant.

2.4 The client will give 30 us days notice in writing of any cancelation of services.

2.5 Unless otherwise agreed between us and the client, we will issue an invoice to the client in which 100% of the fee will be payable in advance of any requested service. in case of failure in paying the invoice within 5 working days then we will not take any responsibility and will not be liable for the possible changes or increase in the prices, prices are subject to change without any prior notice and therefore invoices, issued by us, are subject to change if not paid on time. client will be liable to pay the total amount which applies on the date of payment.

2.6 In the event of non-payment within 30 days from the date of issuance of the invoice, we reserve the right to withdraw all services and shall not be responsible for any cost, fees, duties or taxes owed by the client/company to any agent or government authority in any jurisdiction, any fines or fees incurred by the client as a result of such withdrawal, nor for any consequential loss or claim against the client/company by any other party arising due to non-payment.

2.7 Any other services provided on a time spent basis shall be quoted to the client in advance, however, where unexpected costs incur, the client will accept any amendments to the initial quote.

Other provisions
3.1 We shall keep confidential all documents, communications, and information attained from the client/company, unless prior written consent has been given by the client allowing the contrary. this confidentiality will not be applicable where:

a.) we may be obligated by order of a competent court or authority to disclose evidence and information to courts or authorities in connection with the client’s or the company’s affairs. Where we receive such a disclosure order, unless prohibited by law or by the terms of such order, we shall promptly notify the client or the company of the same

b) if any demand is made or action taken by a third party against the company or any other circumstances arise in which in our opinion it is necessary to take action regarding the affairs of the company in order to protect the best interests of the client, the company or us, and if in such circumstances we are unable to obtain clear, adequate and lawful instructions from the client, then we shall be entitled to proceed in any reasonable way it deems appropriate for the given situation.

3.2 We do not give legal advice and can only refer services according to its present best knowledge and practice regards to any services it offers. as it is the clients responsibility to seek expert legal advice, we will not accept any liability to any client, company or third party for damages or losses to the aforementioned arising from the use of any of its services.

3.3 If we in its discretion consider that for whatever reason we do not wish to continue to provide any or all of the services, we may terminate our services by giving one month notice without being obliged to give any reason whatsoever.

3.4 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and in relation to any legal action or proceeding arising out of this agreement each of the parties irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Cyprus courts.

We would like to inform you about the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) of the European Union (EU), which aims to enhance the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data. The New General Regulation shall replace the Directive 95/46/EU which was applied via law 138(I)/2001.

The GDPR comes into effect in the European Union Countries on 25th May 2018 and as a consequence we have developed and established our updated Data Protection Procedures to reflect the changes brought about by the GDPR and provide, amongst others, the following information:

  • What personal data we may collect or otherwise process about you,
  • Why do we need to collect or otherwise process your personal data and the lawfulness of our actions,
  • How we protect your personal data,
  • The third parties we may share your personal data with,
  • Your rights under the GDPR and how to exercise them.

All correspondence files and records (other than statutory corporate records) and all information and data held by us on our computers/servers are the sole property of ours and you shall have no right of access thereto or control there over, however you shall be free to request by written instructions, details of your personal information data held by us, you may demand the correction of any wrong or inaccurate information in our data records and ask for any copies of data maintained by us which you or any authorized representative of yours have furnished us with.

The maintenance, use storage, use etc. of personal data shall be kept by us to the extent and as long as the relevant law/s or any regulation/s provide. Should any law require the keeping and maintenance of certain date for a longer period of time we undertake to arbitrarily or on your request remove from our data system upon the lapse of the period provided by the GDPR, data relating to you which may be irrelevant or unnecessary for keeping for the purposes of compliance with any such law/s or regulation/s.

Any complaints you may have with regards to any violation of your rights under the GDPR may be lodged with the relevant supervisory authority.

If you should wish to have your name and address removed from our specific purposes mailing list, you should provide us with clear Instructions in this respect. However, in such a case we shall not be held liable and you hereby relieve us of any liability with respect to any information of essence which may not reach you.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification on the above, whilst we assure you that our firm is aiming to be duly compliant with the GDPR and other laws/regulations/directives in force.

Our Data Protection policy is available at our offices.

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